402, 2021

Securing doses of future vaccines

The European Commission has been negotiating intensely to build a diversified portfolio of vaccines for EU citizens at fair prices. Contracts have been concluded with 6 promising vaccine developers, securing a portfolio of more than 2.3 billion doses. The Commission [...]

2601, 2021

Recovery after healing of COVID 19

SARS-Cov-2 virus infection (covid19) has a very high transmission rate per unit time. Its complications are all the more important as the infected person suffers from other diseases. By the middle of December 2020 the statistics show that worldwide there [...]

1301, 2021

Vaccines for Europe

Vaccination against COVID-19 started on 27 December 2020 across the European Union, in a moment of unity. The European Commission has been working tirelessly to secure doses of vaccines, and approved two COVID-19 vaccines, which were assessed as being safe [...]

601, 2021

Countdown to pandemic end

Nowadays everybody is wondering when will the pandemic come to an end. For sure it will not be overnight, and there are several steps that we need  to take in order to help in fight this pandemic. Now that there [...]

2312, 2020

“Santa`s Gift” this year

With all the difficulties happening this year, some may have forgotten that the most wonderfull time of the year is comming, and that Santa is comming to town. Maybe the hollydays will be different this year, and difficult for most [...]