Warehousing and logistics

We store all our pharmaceuticals with the assurance of integrity and efficacy. We understand how important it is to maintain the quality of pharmaceutical products and keep this thing in mind. We offer temperature-controlled warehousing to preserve pharmaceutical storage cabinets and capacity more efficiently.

We also specialise in providing logistics services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. So if you use outsourced transport or order to fulfilment for your pharmaceuticals then make sure that you are on the right address. Just send your inquiry to our experts and we will do our best to meet your demands.

We are providing following services:

Temperature-senstitive pharmaceuticals and biological treatment require strict control to maintain their integrity from manufacturer through us to patient.
Temperature controlled storage and distribution systems, including cold chain logistics, are essential to preventing critical damage to all of our products during transport.
Our advanced temperature-controlled transportation solutions are complemented by our expertise and knowledge to determine the fastest, safest and most efficient way to transport your ordered pharmaceutical products.

We do not end here, that‘s because Inoxis Medical has been approved for its quality standards by its customers across the EU and local regulatory authorities as well.

Be our business partner. Share benefits.

You can join to cooperation with our company, if you have a GDP-certificate and an operating license. Furthermore, you have to be a public pharmacy, a pharmacy chain, a hospital or a pharmaceutical wholesaler.


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